• Pros And Cons Of Using Computers When Teaching
    Pros And Cons Of Using Computers When Teaching

Top College Courses

By | June 20, 2017

There are different programs which are offered in college. You can go to a university or you can also take advantage of online education. This has enabled students to explore new interests as they choose their major courses. Students are required to consider all the available options when picking their courses. There are some who decide to choose the easiest courses or which are being taken by their friends. If you happen to be among them, then you might end up missing some great opportunities.

This article is going to compile a list of the top courses offered at a college or university. The list has been listed based on the alumni salaries, job prospects, and popularity. However, this does not necessarily mean that these courses will guarantee you a huge paycheck or a job.


This is one of the major courses offered in almost all colleges. Students pursuing this course are expected to spend much of their time going through the different types of presentations such as scripts and speeches. This is done to give them a in-depth understanding of the messages given by different writers and speakers. These students also learn about audience reaction, non-verbal and verbal messages.

Communications is a course which is meant to prepare the students for great career options in different fields such as advertising, business, public relations, human resources, media, social services, education, and government.

Computer science

This is a course which involves learning about computers (software and hardware) as well as the application of computer knowledge. In this course, students are exposed to different areas such as artificial intelligence, languages, gaming technology, numerical analysis, language recognition programs, and robotics. Problem-solving is one of the main areas of computer science.


While studying business, students are supposed to learn the various principles and theories of finance, marketing, accounting, statistics, human resource, and economics. Students are equipped with problem-solving skills. They are taught how to organize, prepare a budget, hire, control, direct and manage the different kinds or organizations. This course will also help you when dealing with various issues which affect people’s lives such as politics, ethics, diversity and other dynamics.

Political science

This is a course which deals with sophisticated statistical analysis and current events. Political science is fascinating, timely, and perpetually changing. It mainly deals with politics, government, public policy, political philosophy, comparative government, and foreign affairs. Students pursing this course are equipped with excellent communication and critical thinking skills which help them to understand the culture and history of people. It involves a lot of reading, math, and writing.



Pros And Cons Of Using Computers When Teaching

By | June 20, 2017

Computers are used in different fields such as medicine, military, business, education, research etc. Education is one of the main areas where these devices are widely used. The use of computers and other devices has made learning to become extraordinary as well as more interesting and enjoyable. The use of computers has a lasting effect on both the learners and the teachers. There are tremendous applications and programs which have developed to make the learning process more effective and efficient. These apps are readily available.

A resourceful or a creative teacher can use them to network with the other teachers in the different parts of the globe. This has helped in facilitating the teaching process by making it more real, authentic, and global. However, there are some disadvantages which are associated with the usage of these devices. Let us take a look at the pros and cons.


It is an important teaching tool

As a teacher, you can use computers to present a procedure or a video of a process. This will help the teacher in explaining some of the concepts which students find being hard to master. Computers are also used by teachers in planning for their next lessons, constructing test questions and grading the submitted tasks.

Enables the teacher to conduct individualized lessons


Every classroom will have learners with different abilities. You will have the slow, fast, and moderate learners. A creative teacher is supposed to create different learning stations for the different pupils; a desktop or a laptop can be one of the great tools in facilitating learning. You can use these devices for uploading/downloading, viewing or researching for files.

In class, you present your content using videos, while some of your students are playing manipulative or even hurdling tests. Some of the advance students can also use them in doing remedial instructions thereby assisting the challenged readers.


Limited teaching time

If you do not have short videos, you can end up eating your whole lesson. This means that teachers should use these devices wisely. Otherwise, the use of technology is not meant to reduce the engagement time.

Need to teach important navigating skills

qgrwhqrhgnrfsThe use of computers in teaching means that you will have to teach your learners some of the basic skills such as using the cursor, connecting a printer, shutting down/booting up, making slides among others. Failure to teach these skills can frustrate your learners.